What are the Data centers? These are structures that host and manage a number of IT equipment, operational heart of almost all companies, public or private.
This concentration of equipments, with considerable electrical power consumption, resulting in high heat input on the premises hosting them and consequent overheating of the same machinery. To counter this risk, normally the customer installs some air conditioners refrigeration cycle that, however, consume high amounts of energy to be disposed outdoor.

But here break into this traditional setting an alternative idea to air conditioning systems: the Direct "Freecooling", which uses, whenever possible, the cold source longer available, that is the outdoor air.

CLIMATEL, thanks to its long experience in this field, has developed modules FAM (Fan Air Module) suited to various types of Data centers and technological rooms.
This technology enables an energy saving as greater as higher is the Δt between the outdoor and the indoor air temperature (direct freecooling).
The simultaneous extraction of waste air exiting the machinery avoids the formation of hot-spots in hard to reach from the air distribution system.
The advantages of this process, besides on the above-mentioned energy efficiency, are: a very reduced maintenance, a simple but conceptually evolved technology (use of EC fans with dedicated software), lightness (Frecooling is less bulky than other active systems) and finally, but a very important, a considerable reduction in operating time and respective running costs of air conditioners refrigeration cycle.